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A growing number of New Yorkers, especially low-income people of color, are getting priced out of their neighborhoods, and it’s becoming harder to find a decent, affordable place to live. But often overlooked and unnamed in the discussion are the people most responsible for gentrifying huge areas of the city.

The Real Gentrifiers is a citywide campaign to unmask and target those developers who continue to play the biggest role in gentrifying predominantly low-income communities of color while positioning themselves as champions of affordable housing. Wealthy developers are salivating over major projects in low-income neighborhoods scheduled to be rezoned for dense new residential development in the months ahead. They see another big payday coming. 

Members and leaders of the campaign are committed to limiting the political influence and geographic footprint of these gentrification kingpins. 

The goal is diminish the power of the Real Gentrifiers to buy elections and rig housing and development policy in their favor. We want to open up more opportunities for nonprofit developers to build deeply affordable housing in neighborhoods where low-income residents are most in danger of being pushed out of where they live.

The Gentrification Papers

The campaign’s report series The Gentrification Papers: Exposing the Dark Money of Displacement offers a rogues gallery of the worst developers who maximize profit by forcing poorer residents of color to leave the neighborhoods they call home and struggle to find new housing elsewhere. Each report offers an in-depth profile of a Real Gentrifier, bringing to light new facts about the developers who truly control the process of gentrification and create the winners and losers. 


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